What is Mark Driscolls Problem?

17. oktober 2014

So Mark Driscoll just resigned as the mega-church founder and pastor of Mars Hill. This incredibly famous and groundbreaking pastor was forced to resign by his congregation because…

officially he was mean, arrogant and a bad leader but that is not the real reason things fell apart for him.

The real reason is: He became bigger then the man he was preaching about.  For him it became slowly but surely about having more and more success and less and less about Jesus.

Christians who produces results

I’m a guy who is highly competitive. Every year I want the church to grow.  I want my knowledge to grow. I want my influence to grow.  I want our staff to grow.  I want our church plants to grow.  I want everything-because I want to win.  That’s my own little idol and it works well in a church because no one would ever yell at you for being a Christian who produces results.  So I found the perfect place to hide.  And I was thinking about it this week.  What if the church stopped growing?  What if we shrunk?  What if everything fell apart?  What if half the staff left?  Would I still worship Jesus or would I be a total despairing mess?  I don’t know.  By Gods grace I won’t have to find out, but you never know.

Using Jesus to get succes

Notice how terrifying this is.  The problem is his whole Christian life is centered not on Jesus but on success and using Jesus to get it.  The great thing for Mark is that now that everything has fallen apart he can look and see Jesus as the only thing left standing.  But what a terrible time and difficult fall for him and his family.  And what about his congregation, all these people who have attended his church and looked up to him for such a long time?

This leads me to my second point.  The first is that as preachers Jesus needs to be our guide and needs to come first, before success, before any of the other little idols that can sneak in and turn our focus away from him.  My second point is that as Christians Jesus needs to be our role model.  Yes we are all called to show each other Jesus and try to be role models but we must never forget that we are still sinful and fallen people that must cling to God’s grace and mercy which is the only thing that can save us. 

Pressure to be perfect

I have noticed the pressure of success in ministry, I have felt it myself very recently.  The more big events I have been speaking at, the more I have been on TV and in the public eye, the more I have felt the pressure to be perfect.  The perfect speaker, the perfect father, husband, friend, mentor, Christian man….you name it.  The more I think about it the more it freaks me out because guess what, I am not perfect.

I began experiencing panic attacks related to all this pressure I was putting on myself when I realized that this is all crap.  This is a lie.  God doesn’t expect me to be perfect, he expects me to be his child with all my faults and flaws.  He is of course helping me to see my sin and helping me to slowly walk away from it.  Helping me to grow more and more into the man he wants me to be.  But that means my job is to look at Him, follow him.    


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