26. august 2016

I was sixteen years old when I watched in horror as the news of a school shooting covered over the normal news on TV. Columbine HighSchool, a nice quiet school in Colorado, had just been attacked by two of its’ own students who went around with automatic weapons shooting their classmates. They targeted Christians and the “cool kids” who all wore white hats….just like the one my ex-girlfriend had bought me, which I was wearing at that moment…and she lived in Colorado…I ran to the phone and called her in a panic, she was ok but had lost a friend and another close friends brother. That was my introduction to what we now call terrorism, I wished it stopped there.

Sat in disbelief

I was twenty years old when the world stopped on the eleventh of September, I sat in my college dorm room with all of my friend around I tiny TV and we stared in horror as the towers fell and it seemed like the world would never recover.  I cried with my buddy Paul at the candle light vigil, I tried to offer words of encouragement to my friend Mike who lost every single colleague at his workplace which was on the upper floors of one of the towers.  We simply sat in disbelief at what hate could do.

How do i fight this?

And now all these years later, I am not longer shocked by the evil that continues to poor over us, time and again.  It stops being a specific memory and simply becomes the name of a city: Mumbai, London, Boston, Paris and now Orlando.  Every time a new attack hits I get the same feeling of grief, anger, disgust and then lastly hopelessness.  What can I do to fight against this?  How can I make any difference in a “war” that seems to huge and so impossible to grasp.  Every time this feeling hits me I remember a conversation I had with my friend Jenny.

Respond with Jesus

I asked her if we should just join the army or the police or something other then being missionaries so that we could do something that made a difference and her reply will always stick with me.  “We will do what we are doing Jim, nothing is more important than this.  We will respond with love and with Jesus.  No one who knows Jesus and understands his love and follows him would ever become a terrorist, would ever kill an innocent person.” She was, and is, right.  Jesus is the perfect guide for times like this.  His love is the perfect antidote for the evil that is poisoning our world. So our job is to love more, care more, teach more, pray more and to combat terrible evil with impossible love.