Læs Biblen på 7 dage - dag 2

12. februar 2014

Today it was much easier to read, I was not counting pages like the day before, not worrying as much about how far I was getting but instead began to enjoy the incredible story of Israel once I got thru 4. and 5. Mosebog.

As Gods story continues we get to 5. Mosebog which I never noticed is a summery of everything that has happened from 2. Mosebog until now. This is great if you want to get 3 chapters in one book, but if you have just read those three chapters it is annoying. I mean I just read this!!!

The cool thing about it is how serious God is and how clear he is to the people that he must be taken seriously not like the other gods they are used too, he even knows that these people are going to leave him. Follow Him and all will be well, leave him and all will be crap, come back after you have left and he will still save you… And the Israelites are sure that they will never leave God - until they have an opportunity to do anything wrong…

Joshua and Judges (Dommebogen) are both great reading. They are interesting and exciting as you watch God lead his people to their new land, fulfil all his promises to them, tell them all they need to do is trust him and all will go well and watch as it all falls apart. The amazing thing is you get to see God step up and step in again and again through normal people to save his beloved Israel, even though it is clearly their fault that they are having problems. God also seems so mighty, so holy and honestly so terrifying. He is incredibly compassionate and loving, don’t get me wrong, but this is not a God who will tolerate evil or sin. I forget how much Jesus has done for me and more accurately I forget what my sin really deserves.

Ruth is a beautiful story of a woman who does everything in her power to save her beloved mother in law who is a widow and also the story of a man who does everything in his power to save Ruth. It is actually almost a Hollywood style love story and one of the only good couple stories we have in the Bible.

Then on to 1st Samuel and the story of Samuel, Saul and David. Basically God set up his people to follow him and have him as their king. Israel doesn’t want that, they want to be like everyone else, so God gives them a tall handsome warrior named Saul who looks the part and fights the part of a king. He is also arrogant, jealous, power hungry, kind of an idiot and eventually crazy. God tells the people a king is the wrong way to go - and they don’t care.

After giving them the king they want and expect God gives them a king that he loves, David, one of the greatest heroes in the old Testament. A man after Gods heart, a warrior, poet, friend, husband and all around bad-ass who is now on the scene and shows that if you actually put God first and listen to him, he will be with you and help you just like he said he would.

I ended today 6 chapters in to 2nd Samuel so more on that tomorrow. This continues to be hard but worth it - so worth it.

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