Læs Biblen på 7 dage - dag 1

11. februar 2014

So I have decided to try to read the entire bible, cover to cover in seven days. Why you might ask?

Well I love reading, and I have read the Bible thru at least once a year for the last 3 or 4 years now, but when one of my friends from church said he wanted to try to read it in one week I thought he was crazy. Then I realized I wanted to be crazy too and here I am. 

I wondered if it was possible, and what I might get out of seeing the Bible as a book to read instead of something to pick through a chapter or verse at a time. There is nothing wrong with that but it is all I have ever done and I really wanted to know what it would be like to just burn through a book like Genesis (1. Mosebog) and see what stands out to me afterwards.

Well my first day of reading is over and man this is hard. I have never done this type of reading before and it is much harder than I had expected. My Bible is 1.974 pages long, today in 7 hours of pure reading I read 218 pages, up to 4 Mosebog Chap 20. I felt frustrated, not good enough, like I could never do this, like I was stupid for trying and that I had bitten off way more then I could chew.

But that was before something dawned on me (with the help of my wife), if I am reading to try to see how much I can read I am totally missing the point. My job is not to read the entire bible in 7 days (though I will still try) it is to read Gods word and see what new insights I can find into the incredible thing that is Gods word. And here is my reflection from the crazyness that was today.

1. Mosebog is a crazy love story where God makes, reaches out to and contacts people and helps them, loves them and asks them to follow Him. 2. Mosebog, God shows up in a big way and shows off his power and frees his people from slavery and brings them out to follow him in a whole new way with new laws that the earth has never seen and a whole new way of being a nation. In 3 Mosebog He shows His holiness, demands the holiness of those who follow him and gives them more laws so that they will not fall away or fall into the sins of the nations around them but be a holy people following a holy God. 4. Mosebog is the saddest I have read so far where the people he has made and freed doubt Him again and again and then revolt again and again until he must start again with their children because they simply will not allow Him or trust Him to have control over there lives.

Love, power, freedom, law/ teaching, rejection. As I write this I am actually stunned by how much I got out of the day and now I look forward to tomorrow. This is hard, it requires all my concentration and it is incredible.

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