Læs Biblen på 7 dage - dag 3

24. februar 2014

So now the fun really begins! Today I covered 2nd Samuel and the story of David all the way thru 2nd Chronicals and the story of all the kings of both Israel and Judah until finally both kingdoms are banished from the land of promise because both have fallen away from God and worshipped idols, so that’s fun.

This section of the Bible is both easy to read and incredibly interesting (aside from 1st Chronicals chapters 1-9 which is basically a huge list of names) because it is the story of Israel and Judah as kingdoms and what happened to them once they got their wish and had a king rather then God as the leader of the community.  Honestly if you read from the start of Samuel thru the end of 2nd Kings it is a real page turner, you don’t want to put the book down because something crazy is happening every minute.  There are battles, intrigue, murders, assassinations, angels of death wiping out entire armys and even prophets that can raise the dead, send fire down from the sky and have annoying teenagers eaten by bears (seriously all of this and more happens, and you thought the Bible was boring).

Yet after reading this section one lesson sticks in my head.  Every king that turns from God eventually falls, his kingdom comes to ruin and his people and his children suffer for it.  Every king who relies on God and follows him prospers and his people prosper as well.  Even a terrible king like Manasseh, when he does evil and is captured, when he prays to God, God hears him and saves him.  You get a picture of a God who is simply waiting to be called upon, waiting to be trusted, waiting to be allowed to save these idots from their stupid plans of conquest.  When he is asked for advice he answers and is always truthful.  When they call for help he saves, and when they turn away from him he doesn’t help, exactly as he had promised them in 5 Mosebog. 

Gods faith is unending, his promises, as Solomon says, all come to pass, and he longs to love and save a people who continue to turn from him to other “gods”.  I can almost feel his sadness, longing, frustration and love for this stiff necked people and I have to admit you start to wonder why he doesn’t just leave them and find a people worthy of him.  If it was me I know that I would have, but that is one of the many reasons I am not God.  My promises do not always stand, my wisdom is small and short sighted and my compassion quickly gone…After reading about his patience and love that is new every morning I find that I have a few more reasons to praise him.

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