Læs Bibelen på 7 dag - dag 5

29. marts 2014

So until now every day when I have sat down to read the Bible it has been hard but possible. I might struggle a little bit to get into the text but then eventually I slide into it and am taken away reading Gods word and trying to see it all come together. But not today.

Today was like running into a wall.  I started with the rest of Psalms which was wonderful at first, but towards the end I realized I was in trouble.  I could not focus, which is rare for me.  I pushed on anyway but halfway through Proverbs I new I needed to stop.  I wasn’t reading to try to learn the deep truths of God I was reading to try to get to the next page because this was reading day 5 and there are so many more chapters and books to go if I wanted to stay on my reading plan.  So I decided to stop reading for today.  The entire point with this reading project is to see what insights I would find by reading the Bible straight thru cover to cover, but I was making it about how much can I read and when can I take my next break.  The point is to get closer to God and learn more about him, not win a contest.  So I stopped for today.

I know it might sound strange but I tend to learn more from my failures then I do from my successes and that is again true today.  I learned very clearly that reading the Bible has to be something I do in order to meet my Lord and Saviour and see more clearly his will for my life.  If I am reading for a different purpose, if I am reading to make him like me more or to be a good Christian or to check that off the box for today…then probably the best thing I can do is stop.  Because the life changing power of his word will not fill me, will not change me, will not stun me, unless I am taking it in instead of skipping over it.

I look forward to the next reading day to see what more he has to teach me, and until then may he bless you in your reading.

God bless,


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