God is Big

13. maj 2017

I never thought bunnies could teach me about the power of God. But then again I never thought I would have bunnies. Ok, you know what, let me back up a bit…

I am now the proud owner of three dwarf rabbits.  One of my friends from church needed a home for them and since my children have always wanted a pet, and since they were free and came with everything I said yes and all of sudden we had pets.  I let my four year old girl name one of the girl bunnies (Elsa of course), my son named the boy (Taco...just cause) and they both had to decide on the name of the other girl bunny (Jigglypuff...Pokemon Go what have you done).  So all of a sudden our family is larger and the kids are learning how to care for something other then themselves.


Now the surprise is that I am seeing the power of God everywhere in these little guys.  First of all they all have different personalities. Now I know dogs have personality, and cats too, though most cats have the same personality as angry teenage girls.  Anyway I had no idea that bunnies had personalities.  I figured a bunny was just a bunny, fuzzy and cute and that's about it.  Nope.  Elsa wants to be picked up and cuddled, if you don't then she will hop up on your lap and sit there until you do.  Jigglypuff does not want to be cuddled, she wants to run and jump and try to escape.  Taco wants to eat (he is the guy after all) and anything else is fine with him as long as he has food.  All three set up their cages differently, they each like having there food in a different place, use the bathroom in a different spot and sleep in different areas.  In the start we put everything in the same spot in each cage and the rabbits moved it.

Gods work in this world

Now why in the world am I telling you this, have I become one of those people who has to tell others about their pets lives?  Yes.  But that is not the point, the thing that stunned me is the amount of work and care that God has put into this world.  He says he cares about sparrows.  He talks in Job about knowing the time has come and watching the birth of fawns, being there for each and every creature he has made.  Not only did he make this world for us but he filled it with life, and not only does he care about us, he cares about the animals too.  This blows me away.  Think about the sheer size of this world.  To think that God filled it with creatures and even they are all different, all infused with life from our creator.

I am blown away!

That God is so big and yet he knows what I need, and what my son needs and what Taco needs!?  I am simply blown away by the sheer size, power, planning, depth, beauty and caring of God.  He is so great, so unimaginably huge, and yet so near.  And this insight from three bunnies named Elsa, Taco and Jigglypuff...I think God has a sense of humor too.