Fortnight and Thankfulness

16. november 2018

Remember in our busy lives filled with lots of other things to take a moment and be thankful.

Yesterday my daughter and son helped my wife paint a llama piñata for my sons’ Fortnight birthday party today.  They all stood painting it a mix of purple and pink and fusia, after finishing making a bunch of blue drink bottles that we are turning into Chug jugs.  

Now if you don’t know what any of this means or am afraid I have lost my mind, do not fear, you just have not had the craze of Fortnight take over your house as it has mine.  

But what does this have to do with anything? Where am I going with this? Am I going to be talking about Fortnight this week? No, though that will have to be a blog for another time, no this week I wanted to discuss thankfulness.

My beautiful little baby daughter just learned to crawl.  This is a wonderful and terrifying thing because it means that the cute tiny baby that used to lie around and smile at you is now cruising around the house, shocked at the sudden size and beauty of her world, and wanting to explore every nook and cranny.  

This means that if we are not all vigilant and keep our eyes open, our excited little monster will eat anything in her path, and the things she wants to eat more than anything is of course my sons turtle. Why? I have no idea. But this now seems to be her one goal in life and it is at the same time absurd and hilarious, but also keeps us on our toes (and the turtle in his shell).

A special weekend

Two weeks ago I was at Event along with around nine hundred young people and teens to praise the Lord and hear great preaching, teaching and worship.  It was an amazing weekend, with a really fun small group (hey Hestlund!) a lot of great conversations and the genuine feeling that God was there with us.

There was a lot of tears and prayers and thankfulness and joy and excitement, and that’s good, their should be.  It was amazing. It is easy to sit and be thankful at Event.

It is overwhelming, the size and power of God reflected in hundreds of other people praising and worshiping and revelling in the greatness of their Saviour.

Then I came home and work started again and my everyday life started back up and that thankfulness seemed to go away.  Until last night when we were making the llama and my eyes kinda opened up and I could see how wonderful and beautiful and holy this all was.  

A family enjoying a night creating something together. How lucky am I? How blessed am I to get to witness such a scene and even more so to be a part of it?  And then thankfulness began to hit and I spent my prayers last night mostly saying thank you.

Thankful everyday

This morning as I sat down on the couch I called to my baby, who was in the kitchen with my wife.  She immediately crawled across the house to find me and come and sit with me, a giant smile (with two teeth) shining up at me.  

And as we sat together I just felt thankfulness crash over me like a wave. We get these moments of wonder and beauty in our everyday lives.  

We are hit with a sudden love for life or a sudden happiness rolls thru us. The girl you like says hello to you. Your best friend saved a seat for you at lunch.  You get the job you were hoping for. The test went great. Your daughter tells you she loves you as you tuck her into bed.

These moments are gifts.  This is all a gift. Remember in our busy lives filled with lots of other things to take a moment and be thankful.  Enjoy this. Say hello back. Save a seat. Say I love you. Take all of this in. Feel it. And tell God thank you.