Dungeons and Dragons

17. februar 2015

God have a great adventure for you. Har made a world for you to enter. There will be monsters and hard times but God will be with you in this great adventure.

So if you know me, you know that I am a big nerd. I love to play computer games like World of Warcraft, I played Magic: the Gathering as a kid and have been roleplaying Dungeons and Dragons since I was 15. Now I love doing this, escaping into another world and another story. But like all things, no matter where I go and what I do, God is with me and he can teach me.

I had one of the most incredible “Ah Ha!” moments the other day. I was planning a DnD adventure, now for those of you who don’t know anything about Dungeons and Dragons, let me explain. I make up a world, I populate that world with monsters and challenges and treasures that I make up and then some of my friends make up characters to enter the world I have created. It is like I am the author of a story but the characters have minds of their own and it is my job to help then succeed or try to destroy them depending on what type of storyteller I am.

God has a great adventure for you

This leads me to my sudden realization. I had prepared my story, written in challenges, monsters, a huge epic adventure waiting to be realized, treasure to be won….and I was so excited!! I could not wait for my friends to come and take part in this amazing story that I had prepared for them. And suddenly it dawned on me that maybe this is just a little bit of what God feels like. He has crafted this incredible story for us, this awesome adventure, yes their will be monsters, hard times and maybe huge battles, oh but the rewards, the treasures, the way you will grow and learn, the amazing character you will become that only he can see at the start.

Do you dare?

It changed the way I think about him just a little bit. I can feel that pull and that excitement, “Come and be part of this adventure I have for you!!!!” he seems to say. One last thing from DnD, a Character only grows and advances by adventure. It is not age that counts, that does not matter, what matters in the game is what adventures you have been on, how they shape you and change you and mold you into a stronger, more powerful, more amazing character then you ever thought possible, capable of so much more because you have faced the monsters and the challenges and come through. This all seems a little too true of the lives we lead. Do we dare follow the adventure, the life God has planned for us? Do we dare fight the dragons that are the great fears in our lives? I can’t promise it will be easy, it won’t be, but knowing the Master I am sure it will be worth it.


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