Læs Biblen på 7 dage - dag 4

27. februar 2014

Why don't Christians write more poetry? Why are most of the songs that are popular in worship simply 4 short phrases and then a chorus, which is often just rephrasing the four lines before it? And why do we usually talk about judgment like it's a bad thing and try to talk around the fact that God will judge his people?

These are the main questions I am consumed by after my latest reading session.  This was one of the easiest reads yet, I read Ezra and Nehemiah two books about Israel coming back from Babylon and starting over with a new temple and newly walled Jerusalem.  Interestingly this  new temple has none of the splendor of the old temple that Solomon made and was destroyed, but it will end up lasting twice as long, and never be torn down, only replaced and upgraded by Herod's temple which is beautiful and extravagant...and almost immediately destroyed.  Think about that.

They were followed by Esther, Job and then Psalms 1-106.  So after as I was reading I started noticing how much the authors of the books talked about judgment, and not in a bad way.  Nehemiah pleads that God will judge him and especially judge his enemies, he begs for Gods justice to come and come now, to remember the wrongs done to him and the right things he has done.  Job is an entire book about a man seeking the justice and right judgment of the Lord and demanding that his case be heard by the most high.  Psalms is filled with songs begging for Gods judgment to come, to show that David or the psalmist is right and that his enemies are wrong.  There is a deep longing for the justice, the just judgment of God.

Why is that absent from my everyday life with God?  I beg for forgiveness, ask for help, healing, compassion, to see Gods love or even to see my own sin so that I can know what to work on and remember his awesome love for me.  I ask to see others in need or for my children to sleep thru the night...but I can't remember ever desperately praying for his just judgment.  I think in our society where we have courts and laws and police we forget what it must be like to be powerless and know the only way of getting a fair trial and a fair judgment is in the courts of the Lord.  After reading today I know I am missing out on a big part of who God is.

I will write more about music and poetry in my next blog as I continue on thru the Psalms, but until then may God, the righteous Judge, guard your steps.


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