Can God help?

9. november 2015

My own pride is getting in the way for asking God to help me. I think God should use his power elsewhere - that's totally wrong!

I hate getting sick.  I must say since i have been in Denmark I have been very blessed and i rarely get sick, but when it happens, like last week, man it is the worst.  I don't like canceling on meetings or speeches, I don't like that I can't help with the kids and my incredible wife has to do more work around the house then usual and I really hate turning into a big ball of goo that lies around all day.  But this time when i was sick I noticed something.

I forget to ask God

Whenever my son is sick, or my daughter or my wife, I dive into prayer.  I can spend lots of time in deep, angry conversation with God because my son has a fever or my daughter has a cough.  Yet whenever I get sick, I talk to my wife, then maybe my doctor if it lasts for a long time...but not to God.  I might mention that this sucks or that I want to feel better, but for the most part I am prepared to wait it out for a few days.  Why?

My own pride

I know that God can heal me, I know that even if he doesn't he hears me and is with me.  So why am I not calling out to him in my own sickness like I am with my children?  I have seen God answer my prayers for healing for my son and daughter so many times now I have lost count.  Yet I don't ask him to heal me.  I don't even ask!!!  That is the thing that is blowing me away this morning.  I figure I can tough it out, I can deal with being sick so God should use his power elsewhere, and that kinda makes sense...except it is totally wrong.  My own pride is the only thing getting in the way of me asking for help. 

Put away your pride

I hope, whoever you are reading this, that you are well and that your life is going great, but I also hope that if you are sick, if you are in need but think you can tough it out.  Even then i hope you can be better then me, put away your pride and ask God to heal you, help you, meet you, give you exactly what you need.  I pray that you can learn the lesson that I am trying to understand, that often the only thing getting in the way of my relationship with me.