4. oktober 2018

I have been trying to write this for a while but it keeps alluding me. It is hard to write down, hard to put into words. How do you speak about a miracle?

It seems such a strange, holy, beautiful and at the same time unbelievable thing. It seems so strange and unnatural to write the words "a miracle occurred and it happened to me".  I have always believed in miracles, I have seen others experience them and I myself have experienced healing during prayer, both for myself and others...but this hit home a lot harder and it still shakes me up as I write.  Yet I want the story of what God has done out in the world and even though I feel weird and humbled by it, maybe someone can be inspired by the power of our Heavenly Father, so hear goes.

I was driving to Aars IMU on May 9th this year, it was about seven in the evening, the sun was shining down through the trees, it was a perfect day.  I was a few minutes away from the Mission House and going over my speech in my head as I drove when I noticed the taxi driver in front of me start to swerve.  We had come out of a roundabout and after speeding up for a bit he suddenly jammed on his breaks, then swerved left like he would make a turn, then swerved right and pulled off the side of the road and stopped.  This was all odd but I had plenty of space to slow down and stop, I checked my rear-view mirror to see if anyone was close to me but the only other driver was about six or seven car lengths back in a little white Peugeot.  

I watched as the taxi pulled most of the way off the road and then I began to drive again, checking my rear-view mirror one more time to make sure the car behind me wasn't about to pass me.  It was at that second that I knew this would be bad. The driver behind me was not trying to pass, he was going full speed and about one meter away from my back bumper. I had maybe one second before impact and it is amazing how much can happen in that small amount of time.  I grabbed the steering wheel, braced for impact pushing my head back into the headrest and my body back into the seat, I prepared to try to turn the car so I didn't hit the back of the taxi that was jutting out into the road, I said "No" out loud to myself, not in anger, more in sadness, I really liked this car, we had just bought it in December and I was pretty sure it was not going to survive this and I really felt bad about getting in an accident...and then BANG!

I felt the impact ripple up my back and through my neck and into my hands.  My airbag did not go off (shockingly) and so I was spared getting smashed in the face by it, and I turned the steering wheel with all I my strength, while smashing down on the breaks to get my car around the taxi.  It worked, I missed the taxis back left bumper by about three centimetres and slid down the road, my breaks then gave out, unable to bear the force of the other cars impact and my car rolled slowly forward until I pulled off to the side of the road and pulled the parking brake. I sat still then, feeling the shock rolling over my body, wondering how injured I was and what exactly I should do now. I got out of the car (don't ever do that, just sit and call the police) and walked over to check on the young man that hit me.  He was eighteen, just got his licence and in his own words, just wasn't looking at the road for a while. He never saw me and never slowed down, in fact he was still speeding up when he hit me, going about 80km/h.

Things were all happening in a blur.  I tried to call Aars but realised I wasn't sure how to do that.  I had my phone but my critical thinking was a bit of a mess now as shock settled in so instead I called my wife.  She said to call the police, which I did and they told me to stop walking around and sit still on the sidewalk, do NOT move my head at all and do NOT move around  anymore. The ambulance was on it's the way. It was all quite crazy and it kept getting crazier. I was strapped securely onto a back brace with a neck brace on as well, and was being rushed to the hospital in Aalborg.  Laying down, taking stock of what had just happened, a few things began to sink in. 1) This all seemed very serious. Judging from the reaction of the police, the ambulance people and the other drivers and passers by who had stopped to help.  2) I felt shaken up but otherwise....fine. I talked for a while with the ambulance guy and after he checked me over from head to toe he said. "I have to call this in as a trauma, based on the speed and type of accident, you should have a concussion or a broken neck or spine, or at the very least whiplash...but I have to admit you seem fine.  It doesn't really make any sense."

I agreed, this didn't make sense at all.  I asked him if he went to church, he said yes, asked him to pray with me and so we did.  In the back of the ambulance, going to Aalborg with lights and sirens on we prayed, thanking God for taking care of me and asking that our suspicions that I was actually fine would be proved true. We also prayed for the other driver who hit me, he had broken his arm and took an airbag to the face so we asked for healing for him as well.

The ambulance driver left me at the hospital lying on my back, strapped to a board, which is where I would lay for the next three hours.  This was by far the worst part. I hate being confined, I don't like being alone and I am not a huge fan of pain and this was all of those together.  But after a CAT scan of my neck and spine and X-rays as well the doctor came in with a huge smile to tell me that all was well. No breaks, no signs of a concussion, no signs of whiplash. She said I would probably need to do some physical therapy but I should not have any lasting problems because of this accident.  She told me it was amazing and that I was very lucky.

So I went home, my friend picked me up and that night I slept in my own bed. The next day a mechanic called my wife about our car, which was beyond repair.  The impact from the accident was so great that the entire back section of the car had been pushed forward so that the back doors would no longer open. He asked my wife "Is the driver of this car ok?  I have seen these types of wrecks before and it never ends well. Incredibly dangerous type of accident." When Maria said I was standing right next to her and was pretty much fine he was shocked and had a hard time believing it.

And that brings me to today.  I ended up going to the physical therapist only once to get some exercises to help strengthen my neck and back and also had to stop working out for three months to let my lower back heal.  My neck was pretty much fine, despite some small muscle pulls and my lower back was sprained. I started working out again this month and though my back is not 100% it is getting there and I have no residual pain or problems from the crash.  

The doctors, ambulance drivers and mechanics I have talked to, even the insurance companies have all been shocked when they find out that after such a frightening accident I walked away...fine.  God protected me, shielded me and watched over me, of that I have no doubt. I pray that you may feel his love, his protection and his care in your life.

Jim Pfrogner