God of wonders

15. februar 2016

Did you ever notice how in the Bible Jesus almost never works miracles in the same way twice? Even if it seems like he has the same situation, he does something different each time.

One day he casts out a demon, the next day he tells the demons to be quiet, another time the demons only come out after prayer and fasting and yet another time he simply lets the demons go into a heard of pigs. Um why? Why is it that he doesn't just have a simple prayer that he says or maybe even a complicated series of prayers?  

But that's not all, Jesus is always working in different ways, he heals someone because of the faith of his friends, he heals someone after touching him, or telling him to hold out his hand, or making mud from Jesus own spit and rubbing it on the injured person. (Um..ew) It is like God doesn't want us to think that we can control him with a specific prayer and get what we want because we say the right things. This is not magic, this is the infallible, ineffable, uncontrollable, uncontainable, King of kings, and Lord of lords. He is the Great I Am, not as Gandalf would say, "Some conjurer of cheap tricks." 

God is freaking cool

I have to be honest.  I love this about God, I think it is so freaking cool. I love that he works with me and answers my personal prayer in the way that makes sense for the situation I am in. It is as if he actually knows me!!! Actually cares about me. I have been thinking about this topic today because of the events of 4 hours ago. If you have read this blog before, maybe you remember a story I told once about rain and the power of God. Short version: I had just come home from Ethiopia 4 years ago and when caught outside in what was sure to soon be a terrible rainstorm I prayed to God that he would get me home dry....and he did, the rain became hail before it hit me, and I was totally dry when I got home :)

He did it again

Well here I was today standing in almost the exact same spot after just getting back from Ethiopia (I got to go on Tslået again and it was amazing again) and I watched as a monster storm-cloud cruised in. So I prayed to my Father in heaven saying, God I know you did this before so I will simply ask if you would not mind getting me home dry again. With that I began my 4km walk home. Well after walking about 2 minutes my phone rang and guess what?, my wife just happens to call and ask if I would like a ride home since she is leaving work now. She drives me home maybe once or twice a year so this is not a common thing. That solution had not even crossed my mind, I was waiting for hail again, but no, this time I got a nice comfortable ride just as the rain hit. And I got home dry Again.

It's like he knows me, and also like he likes to show off :) I sit here writing with the most incredible feeling that the God of all creation knows, loves and cares about little me. Cares very very much. And if what the Bible says is true, he feels the same way about you.

God bless,